Product introduction

ZhuTech™ is a trademark name of new bamboo charcoal yarn products developed by SSFC. Naturally grown bamboo is subject to high temperature treatment and then ground to give Bamboo charcoal powder which would then be introduced in a uniform manner during the spinning process. This natural additive confers multiple functional properties to the resulting fabric which can be used in undergarments, sports and casual wear, jackets, beddings, furnishing fabrics, thermal insulating socks, shoe pads, gloves, and other public healthcare products.

Product features
  • Emits far infrared (FIR) to give heat conservation properties and provide good thermal insulation. Also enhances blood circulation to improve human health.
  • Deodorizing functions. The fine porous structure of bamboo charcoal helps absorb, breakdown, and remove odors.
  • Hygroscopic effects to absorb water molecules from the surroundings to offer a clean and dry sensation.
  • Other health benefits include micro-emissions of anions and bacterial suppression.
  • Natural and renewable raw materials have been selected to meet environmental friendliness requirements.


Product specifications
Specs (Den/Fil)
ZhuTech (DTY)
75/48, 75/72, 150/96,150/144
Gray black
  • Coats, jackets, casual wear, coat fabrics, casual wear, fashionable apparel, suits, hats, pantyhose, knee guards, towels, and sportswear.
Contact us
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  • Fax:886 2 25066812
  • SKYPE:samhupini