Product introduction

SpanTech is the trademark name of new side-by-side elastic, self-crimping fibers with spring-like appearances developed by SSFC. After weaving, dyeing, and exhaustion, woven products made using SpanTech will achieve good elasticity, excellent elastic resilience, and fluffiness.

SpanTech can be dyed at relatively low temperatures of 115-130oC, and can be interwoven with cotton, acetate, and other natural fibers or employed in hard core yarn covering.

Dyed and treated fibers would exhibit natural turnover effects, making the surface of the woven product exhibit naturally thick or thin color tones, making them useful for knitted, woven, or other types of fabrics.

Product specifications
Specs (Den/Fil)
SpanTech (FOY)
50/24,50/36 75/24,75/36 ,100/24 150/48
SpanTech (DTY)
50/24,50/36 75/24,75/36 ,150/48 300/96
  • Coats, jackets, high density knitted fabrics, coat fabrics, casual wear, fashion wear, suits, hats, pantyhose, knee guards, towels, and sportswear.
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