Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation has established production facilities in Taiwan, Mainland China, and Thailand to supply the global market. Our plastic products include polyester resin,  bottle grade polyester resin , PET bottle preforms, PET bottles, Engineering polymers, and PE sheets.

Our Corporation's polyester fiber technologies were utilized as the starting point of our product differentiation and diversification strategies. Downstream applications of our plastic products include food, packaging, communication electronics, and optronics industries. The quality and differentiated products we provide have won the admiration of numerous local and international clients. Products currently mass produced by SSFC include:

  1. Antimony-free green polyester resins
  2. Quick thermal conductive PET resins
  3. Engineering polymers for network optical fiber surface coating
  4. Hydrolysis resistant engineering polymers for automotive connectors
  5. Low warpage engineering polymers for game console parts and components
  6. Transparent ink cartridge sheets
  7. Easy Punching sheets
  8. PBT elastomers
  9. PE film pellets
  10. Pellets for high-frequency lamination sheet

New materials currently under development include:

  1. LCP high molecular weight heat resistant plastics
  2. High molecular weight electrically conductive plastics
  3. High gas barrier polyesters
  4. High temperature material PCT polyester
  5. Extrusion-grade polyesters