SK's Metamorphosis

Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation (SSFC) was founded by our late Chairman H.S. Wu and partners in 1967. Toray Industries Inc. and Mitsubishi Corporation provided the initial capital investment of NT$ 160 million. A number of capital increments had been carried out since then, making SSFC a Category 1 listed company registered on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with a total paid-in capital of NT$ 23 billion by the end of 2014. We are a large corporation with about 2,000 employees, over 170,000 shareholders, and total assets worth NT$ 41.2 billion.

The first SSFC plants were completed in May 1970, and we have since then underwent multiple expansions. As of 2015, SSFC owns 3 main manufacturing sites in Taiwan that occupy 426,666 square meters with generate a total production output of up to 2,535 tons per day. Production plants have also been established in Mainland China and Thailand. SSFC products can be largely divided into 2 main categories – polyester fibers and polymers. Our main product categories include partially oriented yarn (POY), polyester filament yarn, fully drawn yarn (FDY), polyester staple fiber (PSF), polyester draw textured yarn (P-DTY), industrial yarn, polyester pellets, PET bottle grade resin, PET bottles, PET bottle preforms, engineering polymers, optical films, polyester films, and A-PET sheets.

Our core values of pragmatism, methodical approach, transparency, and team spirit have allowed us to achieve stable growth and the continuous release of new products to meet our client's requirements. We are also well-known and widely recognized in the industry for offering the best post-sales services. SSFC has adopted a multi-pronged management strategy for many years. Our polymer products now account for 55% of our business volume and have exceeded that of our polyester fiber products. Our products are also employed in a wide range of downstream applications that include textiles, food, packaging, electronics, and optronics industries. We offer excellent quality and product differentiation solutions that helped us build a great reputation of reliability and dependability for both local and international clients.

SSFC is an important member of the Shin Kong Group. The Shin Kong Group is one of Taiwan's most important enterprises and offers a wide range of services that include life insurance, asset insurance, retail and department stores, gas, computers, manufacturing, financial securities, security services, rent and lease, investment trusts, hospitals, and banking.