Shinkong synthetic PET fiber products can mainly be categorized into industrial yarn, partially oriented yarn (POY), Spin draw yarn (SDY), polyester staple fiber (PSF), and draw textured yarn (DTY). The following lists the applications of various products:

Industrial yarn:

  1. Tire cord fabrics
  2. Airbags
  3. Seat belts
  4. Geotextile
  5. Industrial fabrics
  6. Ropes and cables
  7. High tenacity dope dyed yarn
  8. Anti Wicked(Fluorine - Free)
  9. Flame Retardant
  10. Fine Denier(40D~100D)
  11. Monofilament

Functional fibers:

  1. Anti-pilling staple fibers (hollow and cruciform)
  2. Specialized 4T cross section drawn and staple fibers (able to adjust and improve microclimates within the woven material)