SSFC has a corporate vision of becoming a high tech PET manufacturer with sustainable growth and development. We have thus introduced and established manufacturing lines for key materials needed by the TFT-LCD industry, and committed ourselves to the developments of various optical films. We are working extensively with partners around the world in order to extend our value chain to secondary industries of optical films and optical film components, investing in the establishment of Ubright Optronics, Tacbright Optronics, and Shinbright Optronics.

Of these, Ubright Optronics Corporation has solid R&D and production teams with capabilities that include ultra-precise cutting, micro-replication technology, UV film formulation development, and optical designs. We shall continue to expand these technical foundations and dedicate ourselves to the development of new optronic components and products.

Shinbright Optronics Corporation is a downstream facility with precision film coating manufacturing lines equipped with wet-process machinery to give the final optical film product.

Tacbright Optronics Corporation is a producer and dealer of TAC (triacetylcellulose) optical films, a key upstream material for the development and manufacturing of liquid crystal displays (LCDs).