Product introduction

2-tone or 3-tone DTY grants diverse effects to the colors and gloss of the resulting fabric. We offer two major categories to choose from: black and white 2-tone and CD 2-tone series. Different ratios of raw materials have been employed to generate a variety of dark, middle, light, and mélange tones on the fabrics, allowing the client to improve product value. 3-tone DTY are able to achieve a richer color mélange and striped effects after dyeing, making the resulting fabric more unique and achieving greater enhancement in value.

Product specifications
Item Specs (Den/Fil) Gloss
Black and white 2-tone yarn 105/168,150/96,150/216,180/168,180/ 180,190/108,225/144 Mélange
CD 2-tone yarn 80/72,80/132,100/144,150/108,150/ 144,150/288,175/180,300/260,900/648 Mélange
3-tone DTY 900/660 Mélange and stripe effects


  • Lady's clothing, trousers, suits, and fleece fabrics. Suitable for wovens, knitted goods, and other 2-tone fabric applications
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