Product features
  • Excellent electrical properties and processability.
  • Widely applied in computer parts and components, household appliances, and automotive connectors.
  • Meets UL fire-resistance ratings.
  • Satisfy the EU RoHS specifications.
Product specifications
Series Grade Specifications Characteristics Applications
D series (global) Flame retardant reinforced with fiber glass D202G15~30 General:  DH4803, DH4883, DF4806, DF4886 Various computer plug-in and devices, cooling fans, mobile parts and battery casings, small household appliance parts, insulation parts for heavy machinery, microswitches, electric relay casings, lighting equipment parts, and automotive parts.
Low warpage:  AD5886 Network hub connectors, game console connectors, scanner parts, office equipment parts, large cooling fans.
reinforced with fiber glass D201G15~30 General:  DF3009, DE3011 Rearview mirrors, automotive parts, windscreen wiper shafts, turn signal switches, vehicle door handles, sound system buttons, and ignition systems.
E series (Asia) Flame retardant reinforced with fiber glass E202G15~30 General:  DE3803, DE3883, DE3806, DE3886 Connectors, household appliances, electronic parts, air conditioner outlets, cooling fans, and motor parts.
High gloss:  DA3806, DA3886 External cases for small household appliances, steam iron chassis, coffee pot casings, terminal blocks, and laptop battery casings.
F series Free reinforced with fiber glass F202G15~30 High fluidity:  DH6003, DH4123 Halogen ,Flame retardant . Meet EU halogen-free standards. Excellent physical properties and processability,
Waterproof series Improved resins D201 High toughness:  DH4113 Automotive connectors
Optical fiber grade:  DK5006 Optical fiber cables


  • Electronic devices                                           Connectors and cooling fans


                             Optical fibers                               Household appliances  



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