Product features
  • ISO 9001 & 14000
  • This product satisfies the EU RoHS, Phthalate, PAHs, Halogen, Reach, PFOS, and PFOA standards.
  • Meets the United States FDA (No.177-1630) standards
  • Food hygiene certification by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (No. 20 & 370)
  • FTIR  (Silicon, amide, DOP, and chloride-free)
Product specifications
TYPE Features Use
Ex Contains anti-static materials with a static resistance coefficient of 109--1011Ω FTIR, IC, outgassing: ND LCD panels and carrier tape for electronic parts
Y Anti-static coating applied, SR: 108~1011Ω FTIR, IC, outgassing: ND Electronic Parts
YD Low moisture (12% and 50% RH) ESD dispersion. SR: 108~1011Ω   FTIR, IC, outgassing: ND Memory module and electronic parts
U Washable with ESD dispersion at low humidity: 12% and 50% RH  FTIR, IC, outgassing: ND Electronic parts
C Conductive SR:103~106 Ω  FTIR, IC, outgassing: ND Electronic parts and LCD panels
P UV printing and anti-scratch   Folding boxes, windows, electroplating, and cosmetic boxes
S Food grade silicon coating (mold release agent) Fruits and food
B Internally added anti-blocking agent Blister packs, trays 
Bx Internally added anti-blocking agent  FTIR, IC, outgassing: ND Carrier tape for electronic parts
F Transparent anti-fogging Frozen food and fruits; healthcare masks
C-PET Milky Microwave food
BF GAG GAG (general grade) anti-static material Clamshell, and high frequency welding
M GAG GAG (blue tint) medical grade Medical device packing



1.Food packaging:
● Fruits
● Foods
● Cold beverage cups
● Frozen foodstuffs
● Chocolate (metalized wraps)


2.General packaging
● Blister packs
● Curtains and fishing boxes
● Heat sealed blister packs
● High frequency welded clamshell packs


3.Electronic packaging
● Memory cards
● Connectors
● STN or TFT LCD panels
● Flexible PCBs
● Hard disk drivers
● Packaging for CPU or electronic parts

4.Printing and folding boxes
● IC and credit cards
● Personal identification and badges
● Cosmetics box
●  UV-offset printing
● Printing-folding box


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